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Advanced Wound Care That Restores the Body’s Normal Regenerative Process

Treating chronic wounds is an expensive and time-consuming process. As the current protocol for wound management typically involves the use of different ointments and liquid solutions, specialized bandages, topical skin substitutes, negative pressure, or hyperbaric oxygen, many patients still are left with chronic wounds that won’t heal and are costly for the patients and healthcare system. SANUWAVE® is at the forefront of improving upon the standard of care for advanced wounds using our Energy First protocol.

Our solutions help expedite the healing process at the cellular level, resulting in less time and resources spent on costly treatments that are not as effective. SANUWAVE offers a better, simpler alternative to the traditional standard of wound care for improved patient outcomes and enhanced quality of life.



It helps you with regeneration of the tissues. It helps you with new vascularization to create new blood vessels mainly in diabetic microvascular disease. The treatment usually lasts two to four minutes, and it’s not really complicated. It’s pretty easy. This is a good alternative for patients who are not healing. It’s completely brand-new technology; it’s kind of breakthrough compared to what we had so far in wound care.


Dr. Jayesh Shah

Medical Director

Northeast Baptist Wound Healing Center, San Antonio, Texas


For Advanced Wound Care, Use Energy First

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